JOB TITLE: Mortgage Underwriter & Conditions officer

HOURS: Full time

REPORTS TO: Sandra Lastovic, Principal Broker


This position exists to pre-underwrite mortgages, getting mortgage application pe-approvals and approvals and support the Mortgage Agents. The role includes customer service, underwriting mortgages, mortgage conditions management, support mortgage renewal management and contribution to team/company goals and processes. The Administrative component includes maintenance of mortgage files for Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario compliance purposes, database maintenance and to support administrative duties. This role requires a person who seeks to be a leader in the company to contribute to the customer focused goals, growth and sustainability of the company.


1) Customer Service

a) Guide the client through the mortgage process, setting expectations, explaining what the next step is and when you will be following up with the client

b) Answer client inquiries for files in progress and provide support for general client inquiries

c) Support client inquiries for mortgage renewals

d) Work with customers in a courteous and professional manner to obtain documentation to satisfy conditions

e) Host client appointments: answer client questions, explain the required documents, and have the client sign required documentation

f) Act as first contact for clients and assess their needs

g) Answer telephone, voicemail messages and emails

h) Set up appointments for other agents if necessary

i) Look for opportunities for refinances and early renewals

j) Work out different scenarios for clients who would like to renew/refinance k) Remove clients from email communication if requested

l) Find solutions for customer needs and financial goals

m) Perform Annual Reviews to find opportunities for clients

2) Underwriting

a) Review, examine and pre-underwrite mortgage applications based on the 5 C’s of credit and lender requirements for mortgage Pre-approvals

b) Assess loan attributes and documentation for soundness and accuracy c) Evaluate Debt to income Ratios, Loan to Value ratios, credit score, property valuation and other factors

d) Determine loan conditions and documentation requirements and then clearly communicate the requirements with the clients

e) Continuing education through company and / or industry sponsored classes or seminars research lenders for mortgage options and build lender relationships. Training sessions with Principal Broker.

f) Submit files for rate holds, pre-approvals and approvals

3) Client File Management

a) Update and create new contact records in Salesforce for clients/business partners and manage new leads

b) Maintain accurate notes, emails, tasks, and checklists in Jungo/Velocity software to track clients’ mortgage process and for FSCO compliance

c) Perform document collection, submission and organization

– Understand which documents are required based on client and deal type

– Collect and submit all supporting documentation owing from clients or other sources to satisfy lender conditions

– Scan or download and store all documentation in the client Velocity file

– Educate clients on document requirements and why they are needed

d) Application Entry & Review

– Enter or update applications or duplicate as needed

– Pull credit reports and decipher client liabilities, adjust liabilities appropriately in Velocity

– Complete necessary fields

e) Manage list of pre-approvals, follow up to focus on pre-approval conversion -update pipeline

Administrative Duties  

1) Answer, screen and direct incoming calls from clients, lenders, and business partners ensuring every call is answered professionally, politely, and in a timely fashion

2) Screen lead calls to gather and compile important information into a contact record

3) Schedule appointments as required

4) Update pipeline reports, meeting action lists & daily tasks or checklists 5) Send application to clients via client experience.

6) Maintain meeting action lists

7) Update contact directories and maintain database information as needed

8) Send out Google review follow up emails


You must be able to engage clients in a professional and polite manner. You must be able to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and possess meticulous attention to detail. You must be a self-starter, have a proactive mindset, and have excellent problem-solving skills. You must have a willingness to learn beyond the role’s defined responsibilities.

Have solid comprehension of internal operations including the file flow process.

You must have knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, Salesforce, Velocity, Outlook, OnceHub to perform duties relating to your position.

You must be able to perform mortgage calculations and be excellent at math. You should have working knowledge of the external development in the financial services and other job-related industries.

You must have practical, technical, and theoretical knowledge about the mortgage industry and underwriting acquired through a combination of education, training, and experience. You must possess, in good standing, a mortgage agent’s license and be registered under The Mortgage Brokers Act.

You must have time management skills to prioritize effectively and manage workflow based on multiple factors and deadlines. You must have excellent interpersonal skills, influential skills, and oral and written communication skills required to be effective in your position. You must contribute to our core values:

1) Striving for excellence

2) Taking ownership and accountability while acting with integrity

3) Using processes and metrics for high achievement

4) Work to be profitable and sustainable

5) To care, appreciate and respect all stakeholders


Your position reports to the Principal Broker

You will be in contact with both in-office and out-of-office Mortgage Centre and Mortgage Centre Canada staff. You will have direct communication with clients of The Mortgage Centre and business partners such as law offices, appraisers, lenders, real estate salespeople, financial planners, etc. You will have contact with other lenders and suppliers.

The typical reason for contact with the above mentioned people is to perform your duties as they pertain to client file management, underwriting support, client support, and administrative duties.

Frequency of such contacts: Expect several calls throughout the day.


  1. Typing and answering the phone, making phone calls
  2. Working with photocopier/scanner
  3. Data entry, underwriting and file management at computer
  4. Frequently changing priorities or interruptions
  5. There is background noise, talking, radio, that may be distracting when on the phone