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Mortgages for Veterinarians

Here at The Mortgage Centre, we understand the unique needs of veterinary professionals and offer tailored solutions that align with your busy schedule. Whether you’re a recent graduate with student loans or an experienced veterinarian exploring rural property ownership, we have the expertise to guide you.

Tailored for Veterinarians

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Mortgages for Veterinarians 

What is a Veterinarian Mortgage?

The Veterinarian mortgage is our program that accommodates various income structures, such as subcontractor pay, locum income, professional corporation earnings, and T4 income, addressing the complexities often overlooked by traditional bank lenders.

With competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and customized loan amounts, we streamline the application process to suit your professional commitments. Eligibility criteria are designed to support those in their last year of veterinary school or recent graduates, with a minimum 10% down payment.

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At The Mortgage Centre – we partner with major financial institutions, we secure better rates for our clients, offering a reliable alternative to traditional lenders. 

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Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


What closing costs should I expect as a first-time home buyer?

When purchasing a property in Ontario, you can expect to pay a land transfer tax. However, first-time home buyers may be eligible for a refund of up to $4K on this. Additionally, you can expect to pay legal fees of around $3K and an appraisal cost of $550.


What are the eligibility requirements for a veterinarian’s mortgage?

Recent graduates can qualify for a mortgage.

You don’t have to be established, just graduated from school and have a job/placement.


What types of veterinary mortgages are available?

Any mortgage that is available for all borrowers. However, we offer the Veterinarian mortgage, our program that accommodates various income structures, such as subcontractor pay, locum income, professional corporation earnings, and T4 income, addressing the complexities often overlooked by traditional bank lenders.

Mortgage for Veterinarians

Real Mortgage Success

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Sarah, a final-year student at Veterinary College, found herself facing student loans as she pursued her education. However, she was confident in her ability to manage this financial commitment once she began her promising career. The exciting news came when she was recruited to work in a small-town practice in Ontario. Faced with the decision of whether to buy a home or rent in her new community, Sarah carefully weighed the pros and cons.

Ultimately, she decided that purchasing a home made more sense in the long run. Despite the challenge of having only worked part-time and not yet starting her new position at the clinic, Sarah explored her options. Turning to The Mortgage Centre, she discovered a unique lending program negotiated with some of Canada’s largest non-bank lenders, exclusively available through brokers. These lenders were willing to consider Sarah’s future projected income, requiring only a 10% down payment for her to buy a home. This arrangement proved favorable, with the monthly mortgage cost comparable to rental payments. Beyond securing financing, The Mortgage Centre provided invaluable assistance by helping Sarah create a budget. This allowed her to simultaneously address her student loans and invest in a property poised to appreciate in value over the years.

headshot photo of Ranjeet with dog

Having devoted over a decade to a veterinary practice, Ranjeet found himself surprised when the current clinic owner expressed a desire to retire. With a house to his name and aspirations to take over the clinic, Ranjeet strategized leveraging the equity in his primary residence.

Collaborating with The Mortgage Centre, Ranjeet successfully structured a mortgage on his home, enabling him to extend a loan to the corporation for the clinic acquisition. The Mortgage Centre’s expertise allowed him to optimize the terms, surpassing the offerings from his bank.

This empowered Ranjeet to not only secure the clinic but also acquire the associated commercial property down the line, all with the invaluable assistance of The Mortgage Centre.

headshot photo of Jennifer with horse

During the challenging Covid years, Jennifer’s veterinary practice faced setbacks due to staff illnesses. With the financial situation back on track and a more positive mindset, Jennifer decided to address the high-interest debt that had accumulated.

Seeking a solution, she reached out to The Mortgage Centre, where they diligently explored three scenarios encompassing both traditional bank financing and alternative lending.

The presented options were transparently laid out, allowing Jennifer to choose the one that not only lowered interest costs but also facilitated debt repayment. Surprisingly, these alternatives weren’t initially presented by her primary bank. The exciting update is that Jennifer is now in the process of acquiring another veterinary clinic, a significant step forward for her growing practice and family.

Overview of our Specialized Mortgage Financing Program for Veterinarians



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  1. Overview of our Specialized Mortgage Financing Program for Veterinarians
    • Tailored to your schedule
    • Expertise in navigating various business structures such as professional corporations and holding companies that own real estate
    • Assistance for veterinary students in their final year, helping create a budget that balances student loan repayment with home ownership goals
    • Expertise in financing rural properties, a common challenge compared to urban areas
    • Understanding the complexity of veterinarians’ income structures, including subcontractor pay, locum income, professional corporation earnings, and T4 income
    • Utilizing projected income for recent graduates or those starting their career to qualify for a mortgage with a minimum down payment of 10%, eliminating the need for a 20% down payment for properties under one million.
  2. Unique Features Tailored for Veterinarians
    • Flexible payment structures to accommodate the fluctuating nature of veterinary income
    • Creative financing solutions for purchasing properties in rural areas.

Program Benefits


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  • Competitive Interest Rates.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms.
  • Customized Loan Amounts Based on Veterinary Practice Needs.
  • Streamlined Application Process.
    • We understand your busy schedule, we collect information securely online, and offer virtual meetings to develop a clear plan for your real estate goals.

Eligibility Criteria


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  1. Qualifications for Veterinarians to Participate.
    • Last year of veterinary college or recent graduate with a minimum 10% down payment (5% from personal resources, 5% can be gifted).
  2. Types of Veterinary Practices Eligible for the Program.
    • All practices, including small and large animal.
  3. Documentation Required for Application.
    • Recent graduate certificate, personal T1 Generals for 2 years, Notices of Assessment from Revenue Canada for 2 years.

Application Process


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Book a no-charge 30-minutes online appointment or email us at for a follow-up. Sandra Lastovic, the principal broker, will contact you within one business day.

Partnering Institutions


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  • Information about financial istitutions involved in the program.
    • Working with Canada’s largest non-bank lenders in both the prime mortgage and alternative sectors, offering better rates and repayment terms by negotiating on behalf of borrowers.

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