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Rural Property Mortgage

If you own a rural property or are thinking of moving to the country, don’t be surprised if you have mortgage challenges. Skipthebank has funded 1000’s of mortgages. Tap into our experience to obtain a mortgage “in the country,” on your hobby farm, or off the grid weekend getaway. We have the experience that will make getting a mortgage less stressful and more straightforward.

Acreage That a Bank Won’t Consider

Mortgage Your Dream Farm

Rural mortgage

Obtain a Mortgage in the Country

  • Acreage that a bank won’t consider when valuing the rural property
  • Properties in remote areas or on well and septic systems
  • Homes in smaller communities where marketability can be an issue

Rural Mortgage

We Can Help You!, a franchise of The Mortgage Centre, is located in the midst of rural Ontario. We’re surrounded by land and people wanting to purchase a home in the country. There are few brokerages that understand the complexity of financing estate properties or homes not in Urban areas. Why work with a brokerage who’s located in Toronto, who doesn’t have a clue about the location you wish to purchase or even why you would buy a home in a rural setting? The skipthebank way is flexible and works around your schedule. The best part of the process is we do everything in a personalised way that’s virtual. You’re never dragged into an office. Easy and straightforward!

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Mortgage Refinance

Real Success Stories

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Lotus and Nara always wanted to own a country property. They were tired of living in an urban centre and wanted more outside space and privacy. They also understood that rural properties could be challenging to finance. They were hoping to purchase a property with 20+ acres and also have some chickens and a small hobby farm. When they went to their bank, their bank wasn’t able to help them because of the acreage associated with a rural property. The other issue that kept coming up was the appraisal value of the property for residential financing.

That’s when Lotus and Nara came to The Mortgage Centre! They explained that most residential lenders will appraise a rural property based on a land value of 10 acres plus the home. However; Lotus and Nara had significant equity in their current home; they were able to put enough money down to surpass the threshold between the purchase price and the appraised value of the land plus 10 acres. A detailed buy/sell analysis produced by The Mortgage Centre clearly showed that there was enough equity to make up for any shortfall. The best part of the process (and a bonus) was they received a better rate.

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