Interest rates on mortgages have never been better.

The main impact of low rates on higher net worth individuals is that they can accelerate the payment of their mortgage and quickly build equity in their homes for other things.

Using the equity in your home to build wealth is where my team and I come in. There are many ways to release the equity in your home to build your net worth and here are a couple of examples. BTW, each of these examples may allow you a tax write-off on your mortgage interest.

1. Use the equity in your home to buy other real estate. Commercial properties are holding their value, but will likely feel the pinch of the economy as those properties. Because buyers are expecting higher capitalization rates, prices may come down. Commercial properties such as plazas and multi-units are a great way to generate cash flow.

2. Use the equity in your home to invest in the market. Do I need to say more? Obviously working with a good financial planner who understands this market is extremely important.

3. If you’re a sole proprietor, use the equity in your home to run your business expenses through. This often called “The Cash Flow Dam”. It’s something that I’ve worked on with my clients and can show you how to do this.