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Mortgage Rates & Economic Outlook

Mortgage rates and the Economic outlook – you can’t have a good discussion of one without the other. As hard as this is to write, it looks like the five-year fixed mortgage rate will be stable at around 2.70% for some time. I write this knowing that as soon as this hits the printer that… Read More

Selling your house? Think there should be no issues in qualifying for another mortgage? Think again.

If you’re contemplating selling your house and buying another one and you don’t think that getting approved for a mortgage will be an issue, think again. In the 15 years that we’ve brokered mortgage, we’re finding more and more people declined by their own bank for their next mortgage. Why? Tighter mortgage regulations are making… Read More

What about the housing market?

What about the housing market – are borrowers over-leveraged? Here’s some information from credible sources Brought to you by The Mortgage Centre, Sandra Lastovic and Chris Bisson There have been a couple articles that have been published in the Mortgage Broker News recently that share some extremely valuable housing market information. There seems to be… Read More

No Financing Condition: Pro & Cons

It’s a sellers’ market and as a buyer you want to make your purchase offer the most competitive. We always recommend writing an offer with a financing condition, even if you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage. However in this real estate market, you may be forced to remove your financing condition by the sellers. Here… Read More

Canadians choosing fixed rate mortgages

This article in Mortgage Broker News by Jamie Henry shows how Canadians are feeling about rates and fixed or variable mortgages. Take a look! Do you feel the same? “If they were arranging a mortgage today most Canadians would opt for a fixed-rate loan rather than risk volatility with a variable deal. That’s the finding… Read More

What are mortgage rates doing today?

As a client or business associate of The Mortgage Centre I am taking this opportunity to update you on mortgage interest rates. Personally, I am not locking- in my rate at this time, but I am paying attention.The recent decline in oil prices has pushed the Bank of Canada to lower its overnight lending rate… Read More

Is Guelph Real estate in a bubble?

This is a question we often get in the mortgage business. Of course, my advice may be biased as I work with people’s real estate, but we always like to make recommendations to our clients based on facts. Here are some facts to prove that Guelph is not in a real estate bubble: Price increases… Read More

Say Yes! to Tax-Free Income

Just five years after it was launched, the Tax-Free Savings Account has emerged as a leading investment channel among Canadians. According to the latest figures from the country’s Department of Finance, more than eight million Canadians – accounting for about 30 per cent of adult tax filers – have TFSAs and collectively hold over $62… Read More