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Trends in 2016 which will impact mortgage borrowers

Trends in mortgage financing that have impacted buyers and sellers in 2015 The overall sentiment of mortgage lenders, be it bank’s or wholesale banks, is more restrictions to lending money and this will continue for 2016. However, if you know these key factors you can use them to your advantage. Working with a seasoned mortgage… Read More

Opportunities for real estate investing

According to Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) despite slightly rising vacancy rates, Guelph will continue to have one of the tightest rental markets in Ontario. How can real estate investors tap into this market? Demand for rental accommodation will be supported by fewer households moving to ownership, younger and older households, and relatively stable student… Read More

Canadian highlights from TD bank

Here are some highlights that come from TD Economics about Canada: -Economic data this week supported the view that the Bank of Canada will remain on hold at next week’s FAD meeting. -Despite the disappointing headline, the August manufacturing data released this morning fit comfortably with our estimate of real GDP growth of 2.5% annualized… Read More

Mortgage Rates & Economic Outlook

Mortgage rates and the Economic outlook – you can’t have a good discussion of one without the other. As hard as this is to write, it looks like the five-year fixed mortgage rate will be stable at around 2.70% for some time. I write this knowing that as soon as this hits the printer that… Read More

What about the housing market?

What about the housing market – are borrowers over-leveraged? Here’s some information from credible sources Brought to you by The Mortgage Centre, Sandra Lastovic and Chris Bisson There have been a couple articles that have been published in the Mortgage Broker News recently that share some extremely valuable housing market information. There seems to be… Read More

No Financing Condition: Pro & Cons

It’s a sellers’ market and as a buyer you want to make your purchase offer the most competitive. We always recommend writing an offer with a financing condition, even if you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage. However in this real estate market, you may be forced to remove your financing condition by the sellers. Here… Read More

Canadians choosing fixed rate mortgages

This article in Mortgage Broker News by Jamie Henry shows how Canadians are feeling about rates and fixed or variable mortgages. Take a look! Do you feel the same? “If they were arranging a mortgage today most Canadians would opt for a fixed-rate loan rather than risk volatility with a variable deal. That’s the finding… Read More

What are mortgage rates doing today?

As a client or business associate of The Mortgage Centre I am taking this opportunity to update you on mortgage interest rates. Personally, I am not locking- in my rate at this time, but I am paying attention.The recent decline in oil prices has pushed the Bank of Canada to lower its overnight lending rate… Read More