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More money down required if you’re buying a home…but only if it’s more than $500K

If you’re buying a house for more than $500,000 you’ll need to have more money saved for a down payment. Outside of Toronto and Vancouver, most first-time home buyers can purchase a nice home for less than this. However, lenders are likely to pass future costs for mortgages down to consumers, find out more from this video and check out these links for more information….

Is Guelph Real estate in a bubble?

This is a question we often get in the mortgage business. Of course, my advice may be biased as I work with people’s real estate, but we always like to make recommendations to our clients based on facts. Here are some facts to prove that Guelph is not in a real estate bubble: Price increases… Read More

Buy a house or rent a room?

If you are sending your children to a university this year, I am sure you are thinking about all the expenses you will be incurring over the next few years. Sending a child to university is very expensive, and one important thing that parents need to think about is the place for their child to… Read More

Financing student rentals: lenders see them as “the plague” of properties

An area of mortgage expertise I focus on is financing and refinancing rental properties. As a rental property owner myself, most clients appreciate the first-hand knowledge on the pros and cons of owning real estate as an investment.  I have made some great decisions with real estate and also some bad ones.   Student rentals… Read More

Here’s one way to pay-off your mortgage if you have rental properties

This week I met Sam who has been an astute real estate investor over the last 7 years. He’s been strategic about his real estate purchases, focusing on good locations and positive cash flow. Although he’s retired, Sam still has a significant mortgage of $250,000 on his primary residence and carries a secured-line-of credit (SLOC) of $70,000.  Don’t be… Read More

Buying a rental property for the wrong reasons…

One of my specialities is helping people build their their real-estate-investment portfolio. Because I’m in the business of owning and managing rental properties myself, most of my clients appreciate the fact that I have first-hand experience of what to do (and what not to do).  I’ve made several mistakes over the last ten years where… Read More