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Buy or Sell?

buy or sell real estate

Buying or selling your home can be an overwhelming and stressful experience.

At The Mortgage Centre we will help you to decide how much you can afford, what is needed as a down payment, other costs involved in home ownership that should be considered, and most importantly help you to understand your mortgage options.

When choosing a mortgage, you want advise that you can count on. As a member of one of Canada’s longest established national broker networks, we are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision on your mortgage financing needs. We are updated with knowledge of the current market trends, rates, and regulations regularly, allowing us to provide you with sound guidance to get you the house of your dreams.

Thinking of selling your home?

If you are thinking of selling and buying again, The Mortgage Centre can help you determine the best options for your next mortgage.

We’ll provide honest, unbiased advice on what to do with your current mortgage so your next mortgage is the best deal for you.

As an experienced home buyer you have already been through the home financing process and understand that a mortgage professional can be one of your best allies.

The Mortgage Centre works for you not the banks, so our advice is focused entirely on your needs.

It’s important to consider all the facts:

  • Changes in the finance markets
  • Changes in mortgage products
  • Your existing mortgage, options associated with it, potential issues with it
  • Independent advice
  • Best available rates
  • Fast, convenient local service
  • Secure, established lenders

You have 2 options when selling and buying a home that we can help you with:

  1. You can increase your mortgage and blend your mortgage rate with the current market rates to come up with a blended rate, and pay no penalty.
  2. You can pay a penalty and arrange a new mortgage with your current lender or another lender who is offering better rates and features.

10 things to consider before you increase your mortgage:

  1. Should you port your current mortgage or start with a new mortgage?
  2. Should you go fixed or variable?
  3. What can you afford?
  4. Is this a long-term move?
  5. Will you need a line of credit for future needs?
  6. Do you need cash flow for other things?
  7. When do you want to be “mortgage-free”?
  8. Would you use your current home equity to fulfill other goals?
  9. Have your insurance needs changed?
  10. Do you know what your costs are to move?

You have options with your current mortgage so give us a call at 519 763 3900 to discuss your next move.

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