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When should you consider consolidating your debt with your mortgage and why?

I'm getting my financial house in order. What are you doing?


If you are unable to pay off your debts each month and your total debt exceeds $5000.

Interest rates and how they are calculated vary widely.

  • Interest on a mortgage is calculated twice a year
  • A Line of Credit loan is calculated monthly and usually carries a higher interest rate
  • Credit cards are calculated daily so your compounded debt accelerates at a frightening rate
  • Mortgage loans are larger in comparison, and therefore take longer to amortize or pay off. But you generally will pay less interest on every $100 borrowed.

With discipline and a plan, you can eliminate your debt up to $5000 any more than that, and most people have difficulty managing their monthly financial load.

Contact us, and we’ll help you work out a plan with your existing mortgage and become debt free. And remember, banks don’t help you with your liabilities. Excuse the pun,…. it’s not in their INTEREST.

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